Facebook Unveils a New Feature for Graph Search


Facebook rolled out improvements to their Graph Search tool to allow mobile search in order to create a better experience for users. The update will also allow users to search for a specific post in their timeline using personalized keyword queries. It works similar to a Google search, but the content is pulled from your friends and profile, making it effortless to search for content you’ve seen on Facebook.

For instance, if you’re thinking about a funny cat video you uploaded in 2012, you can easily search for it by typing “funny cat video 2012” and be reunited with that hilarious moment. And, per Facebook’s Privacy Policy, you can only see what’s been shared with you. This makes content more important than ever because it’s now easily indexed in a search. Which is great news for business pages looking to gain more user engagement. If you post memorable content, you can count on it making an additional impact on your audience.

The update for mobile is only compatible with the iPhone thus far. Facebook hasn’t specified whether or not mobile search will hit Android, but we can all hope it’s coming soon!

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