Facebook Launches New Call-to-Action Buttons

Facebook has new call to action buttons for business pages. This nifty new set of tools allows you to select from a series of buttons that direct customer traffic on a business’s page. Simply select which button you would like to display on your page. The option to select a button is located at the top right hand side of the page. There are 7 call-to-action buttons to choose from.

According to SEJ, the actions you’ll be able to select from will be:

Nioro du Rip Book Now: To direct visitors to book a table at your restaurant or, a room in a hotel, or a similar kind of reservation.
where can i purchase Pregabalin Contact Us: You can likely use this to direct visitors to a contact form, or if you’re brave perhaps it could be a button to email you directly.
Santa María Totoltepec Use App: If your company has its own app this could be a button to open the app on your mobile device.
Play Game: If you’re a mobile app development company this could be a link to play your latest game.
Shop Now: Direct visitors to your e-commerce store.
Sign Up: Direct visitors to your mailing list sign up page, or a webinar sign up page, or something like that.
Watch Video: Pretty self explanatory, direct visitors to watch a video of your choice.

Call-to-action buttons give businesses the chance to enhance their online presence on Facebook by directing customer traffic. The business can choose a button to be embed on the front of the Facebook page, attracting customers to click through to whatever the business would like to highlight. If you’re an online retailer and you would like more customers to use your app for purchases, you could place the Use App button on your Facebook page to let your Facebook followers download the app.

Companies will have a new way to track analytics on their Facebook pages. They can test their market by rolling out different call-to-action buttons and measure which button gives them the most hits.