I understand where you’re coming from regarding keeping my business and personal accounts separate. I’m concerned, though, that I’m not going to look real enough to my clients. It’ll just look like a corporate façade with no one behind it. Shouldn’t I do something to show that this is me?

Having a corporate social media presence is about relevance, not about showing or hiding things. Your clients don’t need to see photos of your dog, or whatever else is on your personal Facebook page. They don’t need to know which politicians you voted for —that’s an easy way to lose clients!—or which football team you support. Bring people together instead of forcing them apart. Get people interested in your products, services, or events, not your personal life.

Corporate doesn’t have to be boring. Show us your personality—your company culture is a big part of who you are. Give customers insight into how things run at your HQ.

Show them the backstage pass type of experience: your office coffee machine getting a good workout, a new delivery of iMacs, a photo of a new or long-term employee, an introduction to Bob in the warehouse, and so on.

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