I tried to make Google+ work for me by cross-posting all of my Facebook posts, and then by writing posts with unique content, but there’s just no interaction. I’m in 11 circles after months of posting. My girlfriend, somehow, is in more than 1,000 circles, and all she does is post pictures of puppies and romantic movie quotes. Is that the secret — puppies?

Maybe. Google+ interaction is heavily skewed in favor of picture posts and other things that people can admire at a glance and click +1 on. There’s a good opportunity to reuse content that you post to Instagram here. You can also host all of your pictures in Picasa (the picture app built into Google+) and pin them or link out to them elsewhere (as opposed to hosting them on Flickr or Facebook).

Maybe pictures of puppies aren’t such a bad idea. Borrow someone’s puppy and pose it with your product. Make LOLcat memes about your brand.

Or you could have your girlfriend run your Google+ campaign for you. Clearly she has some natural talent!

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