I have ads that lead to an opt-in tab on my Facebook page. They’re getting me about 12 new opt-ins and 30 likes per week. Or at least they were. Then I changed the content and layout of the opt-in page, and opt-ins dropped to two per week. Bad idea, right? So I changed it back to the original format, but it’s stayed at two per week even though I’m still getting the same number of new likes. What could be wrong?

Potentially a lot of things. Are you targeting the same people? Are there more than 200,000 people in your target group? What is the reach of your campaign? Has most of your target group already seen your ad at least three times? Can you set up two landing pages for opt-in content, and split-test them? Have you tried setting up a new campaign with new images, headlines, and ad copy, but with the same landing page? Conversion is a complex process with many factors. It’s important to dissect as much as possible to understand what is going wrong. New campaigns can cure many ills. On the other hand, maybe the whole thing was a coincidence, and you’ve already reached all of the people who are willing to participate in your target audience.

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Category: Designing and Testing Ads on Facebook