I have a local costume and makeup shop that is doing very well. Should I expand into online sales? How would I even do that?

You can certainly give it a shot. Keep in mind, though, that a large part of the reason why you may be doing well locally is that you’re selling something that your customers want to be there in person for. On the Web, you’re competing against hundreds or thousands of businesses that are selling most of the same things, and they’ve probably managed to do it at a lower price. If you feel you can compete in that space—if your costumes are so good that you can compete on quality alone—then it’s worth exploring an expansion to ecommerce. This is a big task that involves payment processing (your existing credit card processor will probably work), web design (you’ll probably have to hire that out), web hosting, and product fulfillment (you’ll probably need at least one new employee to help with that). That’s a bit beyond the scope of this book. However, if you’re already set on all of those aspects of ecommerce, just follow the directions in Chapter 4, and keep your online marketing strategy separate from your local strategy.

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