I have a five-part product strategy that involves an entry-level ebook, a physical product, a video course, a seminar that I do at certain conferences, and personal coaching. I’m not getting how to incorporate social media into this complex (and profitable!) process.

Well, start with a Facebook page. Get Twitter going as well; follow people you want to get the word out to and start interacting with them. Facebook and Twitter should always form the foundation of a bare bones social framework. Once you’re in motion, start promoting your ebook through social media. Choose days to give it away for free.

Make the first video in your video course free on certain days, and make sure everyone knows how much it would have cost otherwise. Offer some of your clients a free personal coaching engagement, with the condition that you be allowed to film parts of it for a promotional YouTube video. Start a free monthly podcast where you talk about client successes with your product. Do product demos on YouTube. Get product endorsements from clients; take photos of them with your product and put them on Instagram, or create a Pinterest board for client successes.

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