I built up a decent audience with ads and on-site promotion, and I am sticking to my content plan, but very few people are interacting with me. I’ve got 500 likes on Facebook, but no one is commenting on my posts. Where am I going wrong?

The number of likes or friends doesn’t represent your actual reach. Posting something on Facebook puts it only on a small fraction of those 500 News Feeds. If there is some initial engagement, the reach expands to a larger percentage. Those first few likes and comments determine whether more people are exposed to your content.

That’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it? It’s a catch-22.

You may not be posting content that is interesting enough. It may not be engage-worthy. Ask questions that people will want to answer. Let them speak out about something. If you’re selling cellphone accessories, post a photo of an old rolodex and ask people what they did to stay in touch with friends before they had a cellphone. If you’re selling beauty products, ask your fans what makeup items they carry with them at all times.

Always include an eye-catching image. They’ll be seeing your post in their newsfeed and you need to catch their attention and pique their interest. Another way you can increase engagement is to ask folks to play fun games like “Name a city in California that doesn’t have an i in it.” Theme your posts, like Hangman Wednesday. Those are the types of posts that are engaging and will get comments.

You may not have done anything wrong in setting up the ad. The problem may lie in your headline, image, ad copy, or call-to-action. You should get in the habit of splittesting your ads to discover the best performing variants.

Content must be more than just interesting. Many people are content to sit back and read interesting content, but unless it inspires engagement, they aren’t going to interact with you.

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