How do I make my list?

Search for your keywords on social networks and see who’s most active for those terms or hashtags. There are some people who write about different stuff each week, and some people who specialize in one topic. You can do a Twitter hashtag search or a Facebook page search. Twitter searches are good because you can search by keywords (not just hashtags) on people’s profiles. You can also try LinkedIn, especially for anything related to B2B. Look for people who are speaking at conferences in your market.

For Google Blog Search, you won’t want to use search terms like “fashion blogger” or “fashion blog”—look for the subject “fashion,” or something more targeted, like “winter fashion,” and then find bloggers therein. For a Google web search, “fashion blogger” or “fashion blog” are fine. Specific long-tail keywords are better than broad keywords.

When you’re writing your articles for outreach participation, focus your content on issues and subjects that apply to these targeted bloggers. The bloggers who write about broad topics are swamped by a lot of junk content, so it’s harder to get through to them.

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